Monitor the Artic Ocean with Barrow Alaska Web Camera

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Have you ever visited Alaska? What do you think about this city? Do you know about Barrow as the state of Alaska? Here, we are going to tell you about Barrow, Alaska and people’s eyes on Barrow, Alaska. We will also discuss things which are recorded by Barrow Alaska web camera.

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What is Barrow?

Barrow is a city in the United States state of Alaska. This city is in the north part of United States. This city is the most northern city in the world. Barrow is the city which is close to Artic ocean. If you visit Barrow, you will feel so cold there because of the low temperature. Barrow is the city in Alaska which has the lowest temperature. You can see snowfall almost every month here. The snowfall, freezing, and extremely wind will be something which is common in Barrow. During the winter, the climate will be so extreme because of the cold and the extreme wind. However, if it is summer, the climate is still cold, but you can feel warmer than usual.

Barrow Alaska web camera

Do you know about web camera? Well, the web camera is a tool which is used to record situation and condition surrounding. Here, we will tell you about Barrow Alaska web camera. This tool is used to record the view of Artic Ocean north of Barrow.

This camera is set up on the top of building in downtown Barrow, Alaska and take a look at the coastal ocean. This camera has a function to give the information about sea ice condition. It can monitor the sea ice movement. Besides that, it also records the beginning formation of fall ice, the beginning of ice break up and the removal sea ice in the summer. People always monitor the coastal sea ice cover with Barrow Alaska web camera because it relates to the climate in this city. Some information about barrow alaska can be found at

Here are some pictures of the interesting city of Barrow Alaska web camera

Barrow alaska live webcam

Barrow alaska webcam

Barrow alaska web camera

Barrow alaska web camera live now

Barrow alaska web cameras

Barrow alaska web cameras live report

Point barrow alaska webcam

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